Multiple Choice Questions in C++ (Set-VIII)

Multiple Choice Questions in C++

Multiple choice questions in C++ (With answers)

71. The class of which the objects are not instantiated is
a) Abstract class
b) Virtual class
c) Static class
d) None of the above

72. && denotes
a) logical OR
b) logical AND
c) Bitwise AND
d) None of the above

73. The parameterized constructor
a) Needs initial values as arguments during creation of an object
b) Can be invoked explicitly only
c) Can be invoked implicitly only
d) None of the above

74. Explicit call to a constructor means
a) Providing the constructor name explicitly to invoke it
b) Not providing the construction name at all
c) Is the shorthand method
d) None of the above

75. Classes in C++ are
a) Fundamental data type
b) Primitive data type
c) Desired data type
d) None of the above

76. A copy constructor is called
a) When an object is defined and initialized with another object
b) When an object is passed by value
c) When a function returns an object
d) All of the above

77. Which of the following regarding constructor function is false?
a) Constructor functions don’t have return type, not even void
b) Constructors can’t be inherited
c) We can refer to their addresses
d) Constructors cannot be virtual

78. If new operator is used, then the constructor function is
a) Parameterized constructor
b) Copy constructor
c) Dynamic constructor
d) Default constructor

79. Which of the following statements regarding constructor is false?
a) A constructor may be defined static
b) Constructor can have default arguments
c) Member functions may be invoked from within a constructor
d) None of the above

80. The antonym of constructor is
a) Creator
b) Destructor
c) Destroyer
d) None of the above

Solution Set to Multiple Choice Questions

(71)       A          (72)       B

(73)       A          (74)       A          (75)       C          (76)       D

(77)       C          (78)       C          (79)       A          (80)       B

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