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Unable to edit the ‘hosts’ file in Windows7

Unable to edit the hosts file in Windows7 In Windows 7, the location of the ‘hosts’ file is ‘C:WindowsSystem32driversetchosts‘.  By default, Windows 7 does not allow edit on this file.  To edit ‘hosts’ file, follow the steps given below: Procedure 1: Start->Run Type notepad and click OK button Notepad application will open with administrator privileges […]

I can’t delete file in Windows7

Problem with deleting files in Windows7 In Windows7, I couldn’t delete the file(s) from the Desktop, when I select some files for deletion, it shows a confirmation box ‘Are you sure you want to send the files to Recycle Bin?’, and when I click on Yes, It shows ‘Calculating size’ and hangs.  Then I had […]