Microsoft Skype 32 bit multiple processes and high CPU usage issue fixed

Skype Desktop version for Windows 10 is buggy and takes a lot of CPU performance. It is even worst while you are working on different applications on your machine and in a conference call on Skype. The situation gets even worse when you share your screen during the conference/video call. CPU usage increases exceptionally high and results in freezing the machine. I took the following actions, which have helped in fixing this issue:

Messaging Privacy Settings

Goto Start -> Messaging Privacy Settings
Disable Messaging access for this device by changing it from on to off.
Also disable the setting: Allow apps to read or send messages.
Next setting to disable is: Choose which apps can read or send messages, it will be disabled automatically with the above settings in place.

Ensure that multiple versions of Skype are not running on your PC.  If yes, use a cleaner software to completely clean/remove different versions of Skype.  You can also remove the Microsoft Messaging app and Skype from Microsoft store by running the powershell and typing the following commands:

get-appxpackage -AllUsers *Microsoft.Messaging* | remove-appxpackage

Get-AppxPackage *skypeapp* | Remove-AppxPackage

Uninstall Skype, clean all traces of it, reboot the machine and then re-install Skype Desktop version from the following link:

Download Skype for Windows 10

Install Skype and test it further for its performance.  It will perform better than before.