Install perl 5.18.0 in Centos 6.4

Install perl 5.18.0 in Centos 6.4

To install Perl in CentOS 6.4, we need to take the following steps:

Step 1: Change directory to /usr/local/src, as shown in Figure-1.


Step 2: Download Perl from CPAN, using ‘wget’ command as shown in Figure-2.  If wget command doesn’t work, then we need to install wget using yum, ‘yum install wget’.


Step 3: Extract the files from tar of perl-18.0.tar.gz using tar command as shown in Figure-3.


 Step 4: Change directory to perl-5.18.0 using cd command as shown in Figure-4.


Step 5: To install perl-5.18.0, run configure command as shown in Figure-5.  Optionally we can also define a PATH towards its installation.


Step 6: After the command ‘./Configure  -des’ is executed successfully, we get the following screen, that shows the message – ‘Now you must run ‘make”.


 Step 7: Run the command ‘make’ as shown in Figure-7.


Step 8: Run the command ‘make test’ as shown in Figure-8.


Step 9: If all tests are done successfully, we get a confirmation that ‘All tests successful’, as shown in Figure-9.


 Step 10: Run ‘make install’ command as shown in Figure-10.


 Step 11: After running ‘make install’, perl-5.18.0 is installed successfully.  To confirm, check the version of installed perl using ‘perl -v’ command as shown in Figure-11.