PWM – Open Source Password Self Service with OpenLDAP – User Interface – Change Password

PWM – Open Source Password Self Service with OpenLDAP – User Interface – Change Password

Change Password:

Click on Change Password option from the main screen, the following screen gets displayed.  This option is used to change the password of the currently logged in user.  If a user wishes to change his/her own password, Change Password option may be used.  This screen shows Password policies as applied using ‘Configuration Manager’ of PWM.  We may decide what Password policy to enforce in PWM.  It can be a local policy or LDAP Directory policy or even we may merge both these policies together.  Password Guide option provides detail insight on this, considering we have setup a password guide with the same.  ‘Auto-generate a new password’ is an option to generate a new random password.  A pop up screen is shown with some randomly generated passwords, we may click on one of these passwords and it is copied in New password text box.  Alternatively, we may type in a new password in it.  The password that we type in New password box will be checked if it is ‘Weak’ or ‘Strong’ password.  Also in Confirm password, if we type in a wrong password that doesn’t match with New password, it shows instantly that “Passwords do not match.” with a red cross next to it.

Type a New password that confirms to Password policy and Confirm the password in the second text box.  We then get the following screen.  Next to New password, we get a message in green color stating the given password strength is ‘Strong’.  Next to Confirm password, we get a green check mark that indicates Confirm password is same as new password.  The blue highlighted text shows that ‘New password accepted, please click change password.”  Click on Change Password button.

A confirmation message is displayed as shown in the following figure with the message “Your password is being changed. This process may take several minutes, please be patient.”.  Wait for few seconds until we get next confirmation screen.

Finally we get a message, “Your password has been changed successfully.”  For security reasons, we may force user session to logout after changing password, so that the user may try logging in with the new password. The following screen shows the Success confirmation of Change password.


The user session is logged out and the following screen is shown with the message “You are now logged out. Please close all internet browser windows before you try to login again.”

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