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‘TRUE’ OR ‘FALSE’ in C++ (Set-XI)

‘TRUE’ OR ‘FALSE’ in C++ (Set-XI)


251. The <iomanip.h> header file contains information for formatted input/output with parameterized stream manipulators.

252. In C++, outputs to object cerr are unbuffered.

253. Member functions tellp and tellg return the current locations of the put and get pointers respectively.

254. C++ provides both unformatted I/O and formatted I/O operations.

255. Inheritance exhibits transitive nature.

256. When many subclasses inherit from a single base class, it is multiple inheritance.

257. The transitive nature of inheritance is reflected by hybrid inheritance.

258. When inheriting publicly, the derived class can access private members of the base class directly.

259. When inheriting privately, the public and protected members of the base class become private members of the derived class.

260. A privately inherited class may be inherited further.

261. Members intended to be inherited but not intended to be public, should be declared as private.

262. When an object of a derived class is created, the program first calls the constructor for base class and then of derived class.

263. You can pass parameters to a base class constructor through a derived class constructor.

264. You can selectively allow access to some of the base class members when deriving privately.

265. Derivation is friendship.

266. We cannot assign a base class pointer to a derived class pointer.

267. A virtual function can be a static member function.

268. A derived class object is converted to a base class object when used as an argument to a base class member function.

269. If you expect to redefine a function in derived classes, declare it as a virtual function in the base class.

270. The ios class represents general properties of a stream.

271. In C++, output to object clog is unbuffered.

272. The endl manipulator flushes the buffer and inserts a newline.

273. unsetf() member function reads current format flag’s value.

274. In C++, references are same as pointers.

275. A virtual function may be declared a function in another class.

276. An overloaded binary operator can be overloaded for ternary operation.

277. showpoint is an enumerated constant defined in the ios class definition.

278. setprecision is a part of <iomanip.h> header file.

279. precision() function has default value as 2.

280. In C++, << is insertion operator and >> is extraction operator.

Solution Set to TRUE or FALSE

(251) T (252) T (253) T (254) T (255) T
(256) F (257) F (258) F (259) T (260) F
(261) F (262) T (263) T (264) T (265) F
(266) F (267) T (268) T (269) T (270) T
(271) F (272) T (273) F (274) F (275) F
(276) T (277) T (278) T (279) F (280) T

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